About Charge-Off Clearinghouse

Debt collection is too tough a business to get only a small portion of the payoff. By acquiring paper from us, you feast on 100% of the benefits. When you own the debt, you keep everything you collect.

You've probably been thinking about collecting for yourself. One call to us makes it easy to start doing just that.

Here's how we work

We purchase large packages of charged-off, unsecured consumer debt from lenders, issuers, and other big industry players.  Then we cleanse the accounts of deceased debtors and bankruptcies and sell them. We're not a collection agency. We're not collection attorneys. Providing charge-offs to professionals like you is our only business.  Customizing portfolios to meet our clients' requirements is our speciality.

Here's what we provide you

Within minutes of determining your selection criteria, you receive a customized portfolio, via facsimile or e-mail. After the sale, we provide you with a hard copy and/or diskettes, containing each debtor's account information.

Charge-Off Clearinghouse's President Louise Epstein is known throughout the industry as a leader. We invite you to call her and find out how you can start keeping everything you collect.


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