OnLine Portfolio Review

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The Charge-Off Clearinghouse is pleased to provide Online Portfolio Review to interested parties--all you have to do is register!

Once you register (we will keep your information confidential) you will have direct access to our portfolios. Specifically, you will be able to select the states in which you have an interest, and the types of account you prefer (credit cards, consumer installment loans, etc.).

Next you will see a listing of all the accounts that meet your search criteria. You will be able to sort your customized portfolio a variety of ways to assist you in your review of the accounts.

It's easy for you to change your selection criteria--that is, to choose different states or types of account you are interested in viewing.

Finally, if you have an interest in purchasing a portfolio that you have created, you have the option of submitting a bid online with our user-friendly bidding form.

If at any time you need additional information, call us at the number on the bottom of this page.

Please register now so you can enter the world of OnLine Portfolio Review!



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